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 ...I'm really godamn mad right now.

Nov. 26th, 2007

Note to self: Never do anything in school ever again, or crazy people will accuse you of things. 


 ATTENTION EVERYONE. This is Mel and I am uke to all. Especially Koko, Kat, and Uzu. BUT Especially Uzu. I also love it when people call me cute, it needs to happen more often. Everyone needs to tease me about these things more. And even if I yell or stutter or whimper or whatever the hell it is that I do, you need to keep doing these things. Also, when I am called these things, I seriosly do blush. Plus, the word "cute" may be substituted for adorable, sweet, etc.

                Thank you, That is all.

stardust to remember you by

I'm back!

Today was probably one of the most awkward days of my life. Yay!                                                        
I got to go spopping for manga with my family.
I have to say the highlight of the day was when my Dad found the yaoi section and promply proclaimed, "They have gay manga!?!".
Said right when I was looking at Gravitation too, danmit.

Perhaps even better was when he started going through it. UGH.


Godamnit it Dad! Fix the freaking computer!

( I may not update for a while due to lack of comp.)

i've got a good mind to throw it all away

aceystvjardgfsdcgnhm, I've had an ipod for one day now and I nearly broke it. 
This thing cost 157$, it's not allowed to break.

*goes to hax0r buy more songs for it*


the taste of love is sweet

Ahhaha, I'm such a nerd. I just realized there ane more bookshelves in my room than there are in all the other rooms in the house put together. I can't help it though! I love to reaaddd.....

I have come to the conclusion that the world is trying to make me a pedo. 
First Simon, now Fuuta? 
This has to be a conspiracy.

its so easy being evil


you screw up - i kill you

went to see Ratatouille. 
it was pretty good. Collette was so cool *o* I loved her the most.

The guy who did Remys voice sounded JUST LIKE Tidus from FFX, so evey time he talked I got these creepy vibes. What, I totally wasan't stupid enough to think he was in the movie for a moment.



I fell into a burning lake of fire

Hahaha, Oh man it's so hot here. The radio said its 102 degrees out. 
Curse Florida and it's tropical weather.

Going to go pick up the new HP book later, and might go to the movies just to cool down.

Edit: WTF, my brother wants to go run around the park. Does he think it's going to be air conditioned there, or something?  Well he can go jog to his hearts content but when he collapses due to heatstroke I'm just going to laugh.