I Never Meant To Brag

But I've Got Him Where I Want Him Now


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Hello, this is the journal of Mel or Bead if you prefer. Mel is a tad stupid, fangirlish, and somewhat cynical. However, if presented with something she likes, she quickly becomes a pile happy babbling goo.

♥'s: HIBARI, sleeping, BL, long books, Yuuko

No love for: assholes, my favorite fic's not being updated, /b/tards, KATGODANMYOU!

Fav manga: Eyeshield 21, xxxHOLiC, Reborn!, HunterxHunter

fav anime: Host Club, xxxHOLiC, Keroro Gunsou, Gurren Lagann, Gintama

Fav band: Riot!, Shiny Toy Guns, He Is Legend, Everclear, The Beatles, Suga Shikao

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Fav books: The Long Walk, Battle Royale, Lord of the Flies, Harry Potter series

Fav pairings: DinoxHibari, 5927, DavidxWatanuki, KaminaxSimon

Also likes Rps, the color purple, and long skirts.

*profile by nikosakura*

Stylesheet by refuted